The inlingua method

Thanks to these three methodological pillars, we can guarantee your success:

The inlingua method

The 'inlingua direct method' - what does it mean?
Participants and trainer communicate only in the language that you want to learn - the target language.

Communication only in the target language? - How does it work?
Most of the new vocabulary you learn will be introduced using examples, visuals or mime in the context they are used. Just try it out – you will quickly stop missing translations. It’s a good feeling.

What about grammar?
Grammatical structures are introduced in a practical manner. You will learn new structures in the context they are used using examples and realistic exercises. Thanks to intensive practice phases, long grammatical explanations are redundant. Of course, our trainers will give you a quick, concise overview of new structures once you have acquired a feeling for them.

What does "intensive practice" mean?  
It is the trainer's job to encourage you to talk:

  • Questions will encourage you to speak
  • You ask your own questions and make dialogs
  • You help to correct others
  • We work with you until you feel really secure 

What is the trainer's role?
Our trainers help you to learn how to speak actively, precisely, and with confidence! They guide your learning process and ensure that you reach your learning goals. Very important, our trainers will correct you so that you feel an improvement after every class. Thus, our teachers make sure that you systematically improve your language skills.

How do you use the inlingua course books?
The inlingua course books structure the course and, by offering short tests, allow you to document your learning progress. Our course books are specially adapted to the 'inlingua direct methode'; in other words, they give you reasons to speak. The book also helps you consolidate what you have learned and practiced in class.

What about homework?  
You will be assigned homework to consolidate what you have learned in class. We recommend spending the same amount of time at home as you do in class for revisions, practice, and homework. Homework is important to make the most efficient use of your classroom time. Of course every homework assignment will be discussed and corrected in class.

Do I learn how to write in the target language? 
Yes, writing is part of the program. Most of the written exercises will be assigned as homework. Depending on your learning goals, writing will form a smaller or greater part of the course. Some of our students want to focus on speaking, whereas others want to be perfect and spend a lot of time mastering spelling and punctuation of the target language. The choice is yours. We're here to help you achieve your goals.

Language courses at inlingua Bonn - We support you perfectly!

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The inlingua learning materials

inlingua International produces its own learning materials that we use in our classes, thus ensuring that method and books are in perfect harmony.

The books are complemented with audio materials that allow our students to practice listening at home, as well as additional practice materials for different situations.

The Teacher Resource Packs enable our trainers to prepare each class perfectly.

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Our language trainers

We love languages!

Our trainers are native speakers. They are experienced in different course formats, levels, and age groups.

Our language teachers are not only experts in teaching their language; they are also embassadors of their respective culture! Thus, when learning a language with you, you will also discover a new culture!

All our trainers have a university degree.

Our trainers are thoroughly trained in the ‘inlingua direct method’, thus guaranteeing you an effective and active learning environment. Thanks to our quality management system, we have been able to maintain our high standards over time.

Many of our teachers have a non-teaching professional background and so are able to bring their unique expertise into the classroom.

Our teachers love teaching - that passion for languages is what makes all the difference. They listen and are able to adapt their teaching to your needs and requirements. You can rest assured that classes will always be diverse and interesting. We look forward to working with you!

inlingua Bonn – You’ll feel the difference!

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